Sunday (or Tuesday..) Stash

I have to keep reminding my boyfriend of this…

I love this line. I love it so much.


The line is Rustique by Emily Herrick. It’s outdoorsy and happy and it’s one of my favorites. I used it in this quilt for a coworker of mine.

I want to cut into it so badly, but I have like, a bajillion other things I need to work on. This line is on sale at Gotham Quilts right now, and I may have lost my mind and bought too much of it.

Another new addition to my stash are these little blocks…


My aunt and uncle have two grown children that are both married and out of the house, and they just adopted THREE KIDS that are 9, 6, and 3 years old! Oooh man are they going to be busy.

So I figured this year would be a special mother’s day for my aunt and I had them each draw a picture for her for a surprise quilt. I’m very excited to get started on it.

Have any of you worked with fabric markers before? Do I need to do anything in particular to set the ink before I put them in the quilt? The packaging says no heat set is required but I’m pretty skeptical.

Happy sewing, everyone.

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Sunday (or Tuesday..) Stash

A Small Victory

I’ve been working on this BEHEMOTH quilt for my cousin’s wedding that happened in September last year. I wanted to make it king size so it could fit on his queen size bed but would be big enough if they decided to upgrade. Here’s a couple of progress shots. Not very impressive …

Fabric selection.


I like how you can see the really well-defined circles in this. Also, you can see my messy shelf.

I used the Metro Lattice pattern using the Quick Curve Ruler. It was suuuper easy and the pattern was really well written. I, like many quilters, was pretty intimidated by sewing curves and this made it really simple. The pattern calls for the lattice part to be a solid color, and after putting this together I can see why. Lining up the curved parts gets a little tricky which wouldn’t be noticeable if it was a solid color. But I really wanted to sort of mimic a double wedding ring.

So, without further rambling, here’s the completed flimsy.

BOOM, BABY! Eevee’s little paw is in the bottom right. She knows not to step on quilts. Good dog. 

I am such a proud quilter right now. This thing has been on and off my sewing table for MONTHS now. My cousin said his favorite color was dark green, and his wife’s is blue/teal, so I thought, “Yeah, I can totally make that work!” Now there’s a his and hers side of the bed.

I have it pin basted now, and I’m killing my shoulder wrenching this giant around my domestic machine. It’ll be worth it in the end, though.

On a side note, i absolutely fell in love with low-volume prints while I was making this. They blend so well and add a totally new dimension to the quilt. IMG_20150828_170907578

I took this picture as i was making the background pieces and now I just want to make a low volume quilt for myself. 🙂

Happy Friday everyone.

A Small Victory


It’s been *ahem* almost a year since I blogged. I had another site, it went down, and I never really got the motivation to continue with this one. I am shamed.

I’ve certainly been working on a number of things over the past 8 months or so, so I guess I’ll share a couple of them.


This guy got turned into a pillow for a friend for Christmas. The paper piecing was really easy to follow and can be found at Quilt Art Design’s Craftsy Store. The quilt behind the penguin is a current project. Please disregard. Move along, nothing to see here.

This was a going away present for a coworker of mine. He left the unit I work on at the hospital to do an accelerated ARNP program and I felt like he needed some encouragement. When I was trying to ever-so-coyly get information out of him as to what he likes so I could put it in the quilt, he responded with something like, “I dunno. I like to go outside.”
Typical Washingtonian.

It’s actually been so long since I finished it that I can’t even remember what size it is, but given the approximate size of my quilt model, I’d say the quilt is about 60″x40″? Give or take. The fabrics from it are primarily “Rustique” with some solids mixed in. The center is Penny Lane, a free template from 627 Handworks. She has some really neat stuff for free on her site.

I have, of course, worked on much more than these couple of things, but, y’know, maybe it’ll give me incentive to actually post more if I don’t share everything. 🙂

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Umbrella Prints Trimming Competition Finish

For the Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition, I got the Snow Leopard trimmings pack. I took the competition pretty literally this year and made this mini quilt.

Bein all artsy in the garden, yo.
Bein all artsy in the garden, yo.


Everything that the leopard is composed of is from Umbrella except for the blue eyes. It’s primarily raw edge applique which I wanted to leave that way to give it more of a “fuzzy” look, but I pieced the uneven grays at the bottom to sort of represent mountains/rocks.


I quilted it with sort of random snowflakes in grey and white. Looking at it now I kinda wish I’d done more snowflakes.

Ignore the tape. Ignoooree the taaaapee

I have a serious love of big cats, and I think the snow leopard is just gorgeous and elegant. I love this competition because I love the idea of nothing going to waste. Just about all of my trimmings went into this, which makes me feel good that I didn’t really add to my increasing stash and that I didn’t throw much away.

The finished size is about 11″x14″.

Umbrella Prints Trimming Competition Finish