Pattern it up Friday

As a horrible blogger, I wanted to say a blanket thank you to those that have been posting comments, especially when I was ill. I’ve had finals for school and I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed, but I just want you all to know I appreciate your kind words. As a happy side note, I finally made it over and got to sniff the head of my friend’s newborn and got baby puke all over me. ūüôā It was a good day.

Mihaela over at A Beautiful Day¬†finished up her Urban Folk Quilt Pattern and i got to review and test it. Woo! I’ve never done pattern testing and it was pretty cool. It made me feel like a trailblazer.. Well.. it made me feel like the guy behind the trailblazer that’s not getting stuck in as many thorn bushes or poison oak.

I had a hard time picking fabrics for this pattern so I ended up making 3 different versions.. one which immediately went into my scrap bin. (It was bad.. It was just.. so bad.) Mihaela’s versions are really clean and pretty with her solids so I tried to go for something with more pattern.


It kinda turned into a happy mess and I’m quite pleased with it. Mihaela’s instructions are really easy to follow and she has start-to-finish instructions for even a novice sewist. She also has a couple of really good tips (like for sewing those really skinny 1/2″ finished strips. O.O )


I followed her instructions for an envelope back, which is another first for me. It was so dang easy I don’t know why I haven’t done it before.

IMG_20160505_201612983IMG_20160505_201608513I did some reaaally basic straight-line quilting between the rows and some boxes between the butterfly-like shapes on the top and bottom. I can’t bring myself to sew over bunnies.

I made a second version that didn’t end up in the scrap bin, and I really like it and i hope to get it up soon.

Take a minute and go check out Mihaela’s versions¬†. Hers are much prettier than mine, I promise.

I gifted it to a coworker that just started working on my unit at the hospital. She squealed. A lot. Quilty squeals FTW!

Happy sewing, friends.

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Pattern it up Friday

Friday Finish! (Finally)

This post is quite picture and text heavy. You’ve been warned.

Oh man I’ve had a busy week of sewing this week. It was spring break for my school, and I had most of the week off from work. It was a happy coincidence and I barely left my sewing table. So, I have THREE WHOLE FINISHES (Well, two and a half) to share with you.

One of my grandma’s best friends has been battling mouth cancer for years and years now and she was told recently that she has probably less than a year left. It’s been pretty hard on the family. She’s also a fellow quilter so I thought I’d send a little love her way with a hugs and kisses pillow.IMG_20160316_094224993_HDR

I did a quick needle turn applique from the back. All of the colored fabrics were from my Pink Castle Cotton + Steel monthly club and it felt good to use some of my stash. I love the monthly clubs, but they do tend to stack up.

Part of the newsprint is about the moon landing, and I got a text from her after my grandma delivered it saying that the moon landing actually happened on her 22nd birthday and it was a lovely reminder for her. How’s that for serendipity?

My second finish was a quick flimsy that I threw together. My grandma went to an estate sale a couple months ago and brought back an enormous hoard of fabric. At last count, I’d culled it down to 4 40-gallon totes.

She bought it from the family of a woman that was a quilter that had died and I’ve found all kinds of incredible and old fabrics. I also found a couple blocks that she put together here and there, so I set them aside and discovered she’d made quite a few indeed. So I got the itch to sew something one afternoon and put together a flimsy.


I love this picture because you can see the care she went to making these blocks. She even did a zig-zag stitch on every fabric end to make sure they didn’t fray.

These were a few of my favorite pictures. Look at that old Mickey! Just adorable.


Here’s the whole flimsy, or as much as I could get in the shot. There were a few blocks missing so I added the patchwork print in which was also from her fabrics. There’s one in the top middle and bottom right. It’s certainly not my usual aesthetic, but it’s a happy mess and the more I look at it, the more I like it.

My third finish was this mammoth wedding quilt that I blogged about earlier.



It’s huge! It’s so big! Also there’s a billion¬†over a hundred different fabrics in it. Random newsprint/low volume backgrounds, some easily identified Cotton + Steel, various Art Gallery fabrics, a number of different solids, and a few things that I picked up from Joann’s here and there. What. A. Pain. But I’m so glad I did it.

More of the quilting and such. The finished size was 106″x106″. Even after washing. That’s right,¬†almost¬†9ft x 9ft, my friends. It’s a miracle I didn’t rip my shoulders out of socket quilting it at home. I bound it with an Ikea print that I bought an entire bolt of on clearance a few years ago. I wanted to do a blue or a green, but I wasn’t sure I had enough to make over 36 feet of binding with anything else I had. I really loved doing the ripple quilting though. It went by really fast with only minor complications.

Another thing that saved a lot of time: wideback fabric.


After putting that top together, I couldn’t even bring myself to think about piecing a back together. I bought this Michael Miller print on super duper sale that was juuuuust big enough to cover the back. Thank God.

On the plus side, my cousin and his wife were THRILLED. They had a lot of fun looking at all the different fabrics, and I pointed a few out to them that I’d picked out with them in mind. Stags and hearts and whatnot.

It’s been quilt the millstone around my neck, though, as far as sewing goes. I hugged my boyfriend when I got home and told him, “I’m so glad they like it and it’s done.. but I’m even happier that that quilt is out of my fucking house.” Hah!

Do any of you ever feel that way about a particular project? What do you do? Do you walk away from it or just keep going?

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Friday Finish! (Finally)

Another Post? Whaaaat?

I thought I’d share another thing I’ve finished in the last *cough* eight months *cough*.

I made my boyfriend this super-manly pillowcase to go with a new pillow I bought him for his birthday in July.. let’s pretend it was recent. ¬†It’s so manly I can’t handle it!

Just hanging around outside.
Ah yes, doing yardwork..
Manly pillowcase trying to mow the lawn, but the grass is dead because it’s summer.¬†
Such beards.

So much testosterone.

I used the French Seams Pillowcase tutorial at Smashed Peas and Carrots. She SAYS it only takes half an hour, but it probably took me closer to an hour and a half. First time and all. Also, I was frequently overwhelmed with how manly this pillowcase was becoming and had to sit down.

Another Post? Whaaaat?