Pattern it up Friday

As a horrible blogger, I wanted to say a blanket thank you to those that have been posting comments, especially when I was ill. I’ve had finals for school and I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed, but I just want you all to know I appreciate your kind words. As a happy side note, I finally made it over and got to sniff the head of my friend’s newborn and got baby puke all over me. 🙂 It was a good day.

Mihaela over at A Beautiful Day finished up her Urban Folk Quilt Pattern and i got to review and test it. Woo! I’ve never done pattern testing and it was pretty cool. It made me feel like a trailblazer.. Well.. it made me feel like the guy behind the trailblazer that’s not getting stuck in as many thorn bushes or poison oak.

I had a hard time picking fabrics for this pattern so I ended up making 3 different versions.. one which immediately went into my scrap bin. (It was bad.. It was just.. so bad.) Mihaela’s versions are really clean and pretty with her solids so I tried to go for something with more pattern.


It kinda turned into a happy mess and I’m quite pleased with it. Mihaela’s instructions are really easy to follow and she has start-to-finish instructions for even a novice sewist. She also has a couple of really good tips (like for sewing those really skinny 1/2″ finished strips. O.O )


I followed her instructions for an envelope back, which is another first for me. It was so dang easy I don’t know why I haven’t done it before.

IMG_20160505_201612983IMG_20160505_201608513I did some reaaally basic straight-line quilting between the rows and some boxes between the butterfly-like shapes on the top and bottom. I can’t bring myself to sew over bunnies.

I made a second version that didn’t end up in the scrap bin, and I really like it and i hope to get it up soon.

Take a minute and go check out Mihaela’s versions . Hers are much prettier than mine, I promise.

I gifted it to a coworker that just started working on my unit at the hospital. She squealed. A lot. Quilty squeals FTW!

Happy sewing, friends.

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Pattern it up Friday

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