Finish it up Mother’s Day!

I have a couple of things to share this week. The first one is a couple of pixie baskets made from the Fabric Mutt tutorial.
My boyfriend had his mother over and my grandma came over. We went out to eat and I made a sandcastle cake… aaand my dog (Eevee) ate it. It was really cute though. Just trust me. So my boyfriend made homemade turtles. Chocolate, pecan, caramel piles of goodness. I figured they needed some cute receptacles.


The one on the left is for his mom, the right for my grandma. I had him pick out the fabrics for hers. The tabs on hers are a twill tape I found at Joann’s that says “made with love.”

I mentioned this on my blog before, but  my aunt and uncle adopted 3 kids recently, and they have two other sons in their 20’s. So I figured this would be a pretty special Mother’s Day for her. I wanted to celebrate it so I got some fabric pens and had all the kids make a block for their mom. I sent 6 with my uncle thinking there’d be an extra one but my uncle surprised me by making one himself, which was a super delight to find.

So then I decided to do custom quilting on all of the blocks too!

I racked my brain for days trying to find fabrics that would go with the colors that the kids picked, but then I figured, hell with it, we’ll make this an all-out kid’s quilt. So I ended up going with a handful of fabrics from the Wee Wander collection and I love it. I think it ended up super cute. IMG_20160513_150227052_HDR
The finished size was somewhere in the vicinity of 60″ x 72″. Definitely big enough to snuggle under with some little ones. I did some random cornerstones around the edge and did scrappy sashing with some of the lower volume prints in the collection.

Also I found this great fleece backing at Joann’s that goes with the front really well.

The kids really enjoyed point out the blocks they made and Mom was really thrilled, so all-in-all it was a win. 🙂

Happy crafting!

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Finish it up Mother’s Day!

Pattern it up Friday

As a horrible blogger, I wanted to say a blanket thank you to those that have been posting comments, especially when I was ill. I’ve had finals for school and I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed, but I just want you all to know I appreciate your kind words. As a happy side note, I finally made it over and got to sniff the head of my friend’s newborn and got baby puke all over me. 🙂 It was a good day.

Mihaela over at A Beautiful Day finished up her Urban Folk Quilt Pattern and i got to review and test it. Woo! I’ve never done pattern testing and it was pretty cool. It made me feel like a trailblazer.. Well.. it made me feel like the guy behind the trailblazer that’s not getting stuck in as many thorn bushes or poison oak.

I had a hard time picking fabrics for this pattern so I ended up making 3 different versions.. one which immediately went into my scrap bin. (It was bad.. It was just.. so bad.) Mihaela’s versions are really clean and pretty with her solids so I tried to go for something with more pattern.


It kinda turned into a happy mess and I’m quite pleased with it. Mihaela’s instructions are really easy to follow and she has start-to-finish instructions for even a novice sewist. She also has a couple of really good tips (like for sewing those really skinny 1/2″ finished strips. O.O )


I followed her instructions for an envelope back, which is another first for me. It was so dang easy I don’t know why I haven’t done it before.

IMG_20160505_201612983IMG_20160505_201608513I did some reaaally basic straight-line quilting between the rows and some boxes between the butterfly-like shapes on the top and bottom. I can’t bring myself to sew over bunnies.

I made a second version that didn’t end up in the scrap bin, and I really like it and i hope to get it up soon.

Take a minute and go check out Mihaela’s versions . Hers are much prettier than mine, I promise.

I gifted it to a coworker that just started working on my unit at the hospital. She squealed. A lot. Quilty squeals FTW!

Happy sewing, friends.

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Pattern it up Friday