Doll Bed Finish

My aunt and uncle (who are in their early fifties) recently adopted 3 siblings that are all under 10! What?! Crazy. Just crazy. They’re some of the most generous, warm-hearted people I know and I’m really excited that we have little kids back in the family since all my other cousins are grown now.

The oldest is a girl who – after being passed around to 8 different foster homes in A YEAR – has a hard time expressing a lot of joy. However, she recently got an American Girl doll that she loves and her birthday is coming up. So, as a quilter, I immediately think, “Oh, doll quilt. Duh.” But then I asked my aunt what her doll was currently sleeping in, and she told me a shoe box. UNACCEPTABLE! So, of course, doll quilt turned into doll BED. So I got this sweet $30 canopy bed on Amazon that fits an 18″ doll (..because the American Girl stuff is expeeensiiive. No really, like $300 for a tiny bed) and made bedding and a quilt and little curtains.. I am SUPER PUMPED about this bed!


My aunt told me that my new cousin loves pink and teal and lime green so I got some of the new Tula Pink Chipper and a couple of prints from the Bonnie Christie Succulence line. The bed came with a little mattress and little pillow but they were very sad, so I stitched a couple layers of batting onto the mattress and made it lime green and made a pillow case for the pillow.


But, because I was SO PUMPED about doing this, I of course had to make another side to the pillow case.. Because.. What if the doll wasn’t feeling like chipmunks that day?


Right? So now she has options.

Little pillows! Woo! Also, really quick stitch-in-the-ditch quilting. I didn’t think she’d care too much about my feathering skill .. moderate ability.

Oh god, I didn’t realize you could see my dandelions in this picture.. 

For the actual quilt, I did an economy block using this tutorial  from Red Pepper Quilts. I didn’t LOVE it. The points looked great on each block, but then I had some issues lining them up when I put the rows together. I’ll probably paper piece if I ever do it again, but it totally worked for a doll quilt, and I loved fussy-cutting the chipmunks.

I went stupid-simple on the curtains and just finished the edges on big white pieces of fabric and sewed some ribbon on, wrapped it over the edge, and tied it to the posts. If I’d had more time planned ahead I would have done real curtains, but whatever, it works.

My aunt text me the next day and said that my cousin kept tucking her doll back in bed, getting her up, and making the little bed over and over. 🙂 I loved hearing that.

Happy crafting, everyone!

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it up Friday.

Doll Bed Finish

6 thoughts on “Doll Bed Finish

  1. What a lovely thing to make for the little girl – I’m sure she loves it to bits. And it’s so nice to hear a happy story. I’m sure the three new family members have a great upbringing in your extended family.


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