Sunday (or Tuesday..) Stash

I have to keep reminding my boyfriend of this…

I love this line. I love it so much.


The line is Rustique by Emily Herrick. It’s outdoorsy and happy and it’s one of my favorites. I used it in this quilt for a coworker of mine.

I want to cut into it so badly, but I have like, a bajillion other things I need to work on. This line is on sale at Gotham Quilts right now, and I may have lost my mind and bought too much of it.

Another new addition to my stash are these little blocks…


My aunt and uncle have two grown children that are both married and out of the house, and they just adopted THREE KIDS that are 9, 6, and 3 years old! Oooh man are they going to be busy.

So I figured this year would be a special mother’s day for my aunt and I had them each draw a picture for her for a surprise quilt. I’m very excited to get started on it.

Have any of you worked with fabric markers before? Do I need to do anything in particular to set the ink before I put them in the quilt? The packaging says no heat set is required but I’m pretty skeptical.

Happy sewing, everyone.

Linking up with Quarter Inch from the Edge, who is guest hosting for the lovely Molli Sparkles.

Sunday (or Tuesday..) Stash

2 thoughts on “Sunday (or Tuesday..) Stash

  1. Oooh… I can see why you love that line. It’s fabulous. As for the fabric markers, I’ve used Crayola ones and only heat set them by pressing when I did the seams. That said, the quilts I made were only for display and not for day to day use (i.e. destined to be washed). They have faded over the years, but they’ve been hung in a classroom with strong sunlight. Thanks for linking up with Sunday Stash!


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