Another Post? Whaaaat?

I thought I’d share another thing I’ve finished in the last *cough* eight months *cough*.

I made my boyfriend this super-manly pillowcase to go with a new pillow I bought him for his birthday in July.. let’s pretend it was recent.  It’s so manly I can’t handle it!

Just hanging around outside.
Ah yes, doing yardwork..
Manly pillowcase trying to mow the lawn, but the grass is dead because it’s summer. 
Such beards.

So much testosterone.

I used the French Seams Pillowcase tutorial at Smashed Peas and Carrots. She SAYS it only takes half an hour, but it probably took me closer to an hour and a half. First time and all. Also, I was frequently overwhelmed with how manly this pillowcase was becoming and had to sit down.

Another Post? Whaaaat?

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