Umbrella Prints Trimming Competition Finish

For the Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition, I got the Snow Leopard trimmings pack. I took the competition pretty literally this year and made this mini quilt.

Bein all artsy in the garden, yo.
Bein all artsy in the garden, yo.


Everything that the leopard is composed of is from Umbrella except for the blue eyes. It’s primarily raw edge applique which I wanted to leave that way to give it more of a “fuzzy” look, but I pieced the uneven grays at the bottom to sort of represent mountains/rocks.


I quilted it with sort of random snowflakes in grey and white. Looking at it now I kinda wish I’d done more snowflakes.

Ignore the tape. Ignoooree the taaaapee

I have a serious love of big cats, and I think the snow leopard is just gorgeous and elegant. I love this competition because I love the idea of nothing going to waste. Just about all of my trimmings went into this, which makes me feel good that I didn’t really add to my increasing stash and that I didn’t throw much away.

The finished size is about 11″x14″.

Umbrella Prints Trimming Competition Finish

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